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Andy's Bio

The Office staff at State Street received this from Andy's publicist. It seems to be sprinkled with fiction and truth. You be the judge.

  • 1967 - Was the inspiration for the musical "Hair" (has a large cranium and bushy doo). Auditioned and was cast for movie role, only to be replaced by Warren Beatty.
  • 1969 - Played drums for Led Zepplin I track "Rock and Roll" (says to have developed English accent during this period).
  • 1972 - Celebrates 5th birthday at the Whiskey a Go-Go in San Francisco.
  • 1973 thru 1985 - Whereabouts unknown.
  • 1986/87 - Resurfaces as the DJ at P.O.E.T.S (without the accent) on the Division Street strip in downtown Chicago.
    1987/88 - Moves to the Snuggery nightclub chain and works all properties including Division Street, Mt. Prospect, Schaumburg, Northbrook, Edison Park, and the Bartlett/Elgin Lake Street club.
  • 1989 thru 1991 - Joins Walter Payton's Entertainment One Organization. Primary DJ at the good ol' Acapulco Beach Bar in Elk Grove Village then moves to the Pacific Club in Oakbrook during 90/91. Develops a passion for 1.00 buffets.
  • 1991 thru 1993 - Moves to the Ala Carte Entertainment organization and focuses on the Alumni Club in Schaumburg, contributing to the creation of the ultra-successful programming that made the club famous and is now a standard thru-out the industry.
  • 1994 to Present - Event coordinator , MC, DJ, and Entertainer for over 350 satisfied couples and countless corporate clients.
  • Loves movies, history, music, event coordinating, music, MC'ing, music, DJing, and music.
    Enjoys cycling, traveling, neat old stuff, and just plain having fun!
    Dislikes the Macarena.

Lou's Bio

From the office of Lou Visconti....

  • 1961 - Conceived at an Elvis concert. (Papa wore his sideburns long that night).
  • 1962 – Delivered by panty’s collector at a Tom Jones concert, 5th row center, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago.
  • 1965 - Family moves to Wrigleyville area , a.k.a. “the neighborhood by the park”. Lou scalps Cubs tickets to support his Pop Rocks & RC Cola habit.
  • 1967 - at the tender age of five, during a legendary Visconti Holiday Party, Lou quickly discovered that playing music to drunken people is a lot of fun AND you get to stay up way past your bedtime. "A pinnacle moment" Lou said during a Rolling Stones '76 interview, " I hooked up two Close and Play record players to a Motorola Deluxe tube radio and went between Hendrix and The Beatles for hours. Every one thought it was the same artist”. That’s how well he mixed the music.
  • 1969 - Sole representative of "Little Toddlers DJ Association" at Woodstock. Pitched tent and sold Mood Rings & pizza slices to pay for expenses.
  • 1970 - Learns the art of…. making the perfect Harvey Wallbanger. / saying the word “HA” before karate chopping his opponent / standing and holding the antenna just right to get all the UHF channels / slipping a firecracker in the hand of a GI Joe with the “Kung Foo” Grip, lighting it, then giving it to his younger brother and say “ blow it out, it’s a birthday candle”.
  • 1971 thru 1984 - Fast-forwarding past his bad perm phase, 8 tracks, corduroy pants, disco music, and the kitschy classic "Sky Rockets in Flight, Afternoon Delight”, in October of '84 Lou receives the call to DJ at Walter Payton’s Studebakers.
  • 1989 - Lou brings his style of programming to the then state of art nightclub America’s Bar in Chicago. Soon after, he works at Pacific Club in Lombard IL where he met DJ Andy Pappas. Lou opens clubs in towns like Tempe, Houston and Piscataway, New Jersey (Where?) during the ’89 - ’92 years.
  • 1992  - Lou gets the call for "The Alumni Club" in Schaumburg. Brings in Andy Pappas. "Let 'em do what they want", the boss man said, "they are professionals." Together with their rock solid music programming, entertainment style, and Lou's killer Tom Jones pelvic thrust routine, they take a 30,000 a week club to a $90,000 a week club. "Well done boys...I'll give you a 15% discount on your food". Yummmm. Lou went on to program and build formats for some of the biggest clubs in Chicago like  Excalibur, Morettis, Koko Taylors’ House Of Blues, Famous Freddies, The Leg Room, and the Snuggerys.
  • 1995 to Today - Event coordinator, MC, DJ, and Entertainer for over 350 happy couples ( most of them still married) and countless corporate clients.

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